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Video or phone consultation

When you’re thinking about or working on a development project you might:

  • Have basic questions about planning
  • Not require a full consultancy service
  • Just need some direction
  • Like a second opinion
  • Not know where to start
  • Want to check what the council is telling you is correct

Our video or phone consultation service is for just such occasions and it works like this:

  1. You complete the form below and send it to us
  2. We let you know whether your query is suitable for this service
  3. We send you our standard terms and conditions
  4. You pay the fee
  5. We arrange a convenient time to speak
  6. We discuss your query with you on a video call or phone call

The call lasts up to half an hour and our fee is £120.00, which includes VAT.

This service is not suitable for:

  • Detail of planning legislation
  • Detail of permitted development rights
  • Studying numerous drawings and documents
  • Researching planning policy or guidance

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planning appeal uk

planning appeal uk

planning appeal uk