Roy Speer
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How we work

There aren’t any formalities to observe with us. Most of our jobs start with an initial chat on the phone or a couple of emails to see if we can help you, to establish your requirements and to ascertain the nature of your case. There’s no commitment at this stage.

We then write/email setting out:

  • what we suggest needs doing
  • what our fees will be
  • our standard terms of business and privacy notice

Fees are charged usually on an hourly rate basis but, for a small number of jobs, we are sometimes able to offer a fixed fee basis.

The first step is often an initial assessment to ascertain your chances of a successful outcome. Whilst there are few certainties in planning, an early indication of prospects helps you decide whether and how to go ahead with your project. Our assessments are realistic – we don’t encourage clients to pursue schemes which stand little chance.

Integral to our advice is considering the right strategy and tactics for your case – the most obvious or direct route isn’t always the most advantageous one. This might mean, for example, preparing the ground in advance or proceeding in small steps to increase the likelihood of success ultimately.

Communication is often key to a successful assignment. We keep you up to date with progress and are accessible, if you want to contact us. The planning system is complicated and ridden with jargon so we aim to explain everything simply and clearly and are pleased to clarify points for you.