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Caravans in gardens

Many people want additional accommodation at their houses yet planning policies and regulations often restrict or prevent much-needed extra living space, such as annexes or sufficient extension.

The need for extra accommodation at existing houses is often driven by:

  • Grown-up children or other family members not able to buy or rent
  • Ageing relatives needing care or assistance
  • Occupiers of the house needing resident carers
  • Accommodation required for staff or guests

One solution to this problem can be to put a caravan in the garden of the house.

Structures which can come within the definition of a caravan are no longer just the metal-box-on-wheels-type touring caravan or static holiday caravan. Modern design and construction can provide the quality, standards and comfort of traditional building construction. Caravans don’t have to be small, either.

Caravans in gardens are subject to different planning considerations to conventional buildings. In suitable circumstances and, if handled appropriately, it can be possible to secure a caravan where a building – especially a self-contained one - wouldn’t be allowed.

We have developed an approach to securing caravans in gardens and have helped clients in all parts of the country get the additional accommodation they need.

Roy has co-written a booklet, Mobile Homes in Gardens – The Planning Guide, which is available here.



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