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Speer Dade Planning Consultants

The planning system controls what you can do with your property but is increasingly complicated, full of jargon and has many pitfalls for the unwary. Roy Speer is a planning consultant who helps people who need to use or understand the planning system. He undertakes planning consultancy for individuals, groups and businesses, working with other consultants, as necessary.

Why choose us as your Planning Consultant

  • Personal planning consultancy service
  • Co-author of four planning and land books
  • Guidance through the planning maze
  • Over 35 years' experience in planning consultation
  • Creative solutions to planning issues
  • Qualified surveyor
  • Clear and regular communication of issues and options


"We are stunned to have been granted the permission after everything that has happened; I think we were lucky to have had you on our side. Thank you for your persistence"

"Thanks for all your hard work in winning the appeal. I'd put a glowing report on Trip Advisor if I was able"

"Thank you again for ensuring that we got a β€˜yes’ at the first application – this definitely would not have happened without you – and for your persistence in pursuit of the council"

"Great result! Thank you for taking us through the process, and for all your work. Greatly appreciated how you kept us regularly posted on developments etc. Very happy to recommend you"

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